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Welcome to the World's Foremost Authority on mobile home hauntings. Here we try to answer the tough questions: Can a ghost haunt a mobile home? And if so, why would they want to?

We're serious about ghost hauntings, but take a lighthearted approach. This site has been featured in news articles around the World, spawned a funny song, "Ghost in the Trailer", and lead the discourse on paranormal activity in mobile homes.

Signs Your Mobile Home is Haunted:

  • A can of Skoal mysteriously floats through the air. 
  • Blood drips out of your simulated wood paneling. 
  • The eyes on the velvet Elvis painting move.
  • The room is spinning, and you’re not even drunk yet. 
  • That Camaro in your front yard isn’t on blocks - it's levitating by itself.
  • Your dog, Bo, gets sucked into the TV set, and he's blocking your view of rasslin'.
  • You feel an eerie presence every time "Freebird" plays on the radio.
  • The lights turn on and off even though you paid the power bill.
  • The trailer is shaking, but there’s no tornado in sight.
  • More warning signs...

Read the true ghost stories, play the free flash game and submit your own chilling tale!

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